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Total Maintenance can install tree protection on different sites such as construction or development sites to ensure that aged trees or any with protected preservation orders are adhered to. Our extensive expertise in this area allows us to provide you with many solutions for your fencing requirements.

If any trees with protected preservation statuses are present on a site where development or construction is to take place, contractors working on site must ensure that they are protected from any damage or interference.

Tree protection fencing can be erected around preserved trees to act as a safe exclusion zone. It is important to have this buffer in place as works can affected exposed wood tissue, crushing of roots and collisions causing broken limbs of trees nearby. Only once all works have been completed on a site, can the protective fencing be dismantled.

We can provide tree protection fencing at sites you require it to be present, with other fencing materials available for purchase or hire.

Total Maintenance can expertly install tree protection fencing to give you assurance that any aged trees qualifying for protection will be completely safe during your works. Development and construction work can proceed without any worries concerning nearby trees.

Our tree protection fencing adheres to British Standards BS5837 which sets out the guidelines for recommended structural components and fence placements to allow trees to be effectively protected. We will also work in accordance with the relevant local planning authority in the location where you will be carrying out your works.

Total Maintenance can also offer tree protection plan preparations. This is where we can provide detailed, scaled plans which will display all of your fencing requirements and quantities of materials needed for your works. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and to draw up a suitable quote.

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